Sometimes it's difficult to properly showcase the quality service that your business provides when you're looking at it from ground level. Are you a roofing specialist or do you provide landscaping and landscape design services? Do you specialize in larger construction projects? Showcase your talent on your website or social media page with a short video that contains a combination of aerial and ground level views. It will bring a new dimension to your advertising. 

Take a photo of a beautiful home from only about twenty five feet in the air and it provides a unique perspective for potential buyers. You still only have one photo, but from an elevated position you can tie in the surroundings, landscaping, close proximity to waterfront or even how remote it may be. Aerial photo's make the property stand out and instantly catch the eye on a busy website or even in print. High definition video can also be added to the virtual tour to make the exterior as impressive as the interior. 

Inspections of exterior walls and roofs of large commercial buildings just got much easier. In the past if you wanted to look closer at discoloration on an exterior wall you needed to rent a lift or even suspend scaffolding from the roof. We can fly within a few feet of the exterior wall and provide you with high definition video and still photos of the area for much less cost and no risk to personnel. We can even stream live video down to a monitor on the ground so the customer can see what the camera is filming and direct us to other areas if needed. High definition photographs of a large roof can be stitched together into one large picture so you can zoom out for a full view of the roof and still have the ability to zoom in with remarkable detail.

Jim and Carol Cloutier started Red Dog Aerial in 2013 - Jim graduated with an Electrical engineering degree from Northeastern University and has over thirty years of experience in project management, engineering and information technology in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. He began building UAV's as a hobby in 2010 and it quickly turned into an obsession. Combining his love of flying, photography and passion for everything outdoors he began using the UAV photography platform to take stunning aerial photographs of the White Mountains and seacoast of New Hampshire. Carol attended Vesper George School of art in Boston MA. Her love of photography and art extended into the corporate world where she was in in charge of interior design projects as well as exterior landscape and design at the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Merrimack NH until her recent retirement. She continues to paint, draw and photograph and operates the camera controls on all of our flights with the Inspire 1.

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Aerial photographs will provide that visual aspect of project updates that make you stand out to your customers. We will work with you during the planning stage of your project and define a schedule of photo shoots from specific angles and heights that will show the entire worksite or specific areas that you would like to showcase. Using the GPS coordinates we will be able to take these same photos on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis depending on your needs.

Once the project is complete we can also combine these photos and even video to provide a fantastic way to advertise the quality of your work on your business website. 

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